Fine Jewellery personally created for you! 

Eckart Schillings 

Est 1984.        ONLINE since 2005 

They say: "Practice makes a Master"
So true! With over 32 years in the Jewellery Trade, I specialise in quality Fine Jewellery.

Made in my Australian Studio for my group of private Clients, local and International.

My Services includes bespoke Engagement & Wedding Ringsprecious Diamonds

Re-modelling of old Jewellery and professional Jewellery Repairs

To keep up my high Quality level, I personally create all Commissions! 

Contact me now to commission the unique bespoke Jewellery you always wanted.                  German precision Engineering and Free Delivery Worldwide!

Eckart is just an email away...                                                                                  FREE CONSULTATIONS              About Eckart Schillings        Find me on FACEBOOK         Jewellery Courses available  

4 Month until Christmas and my Order Book is filling fast!   Place your Christmas Orders by October 2016!