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October 2018 and Christmas is coming

Posted by Eckart on October 7, 2018 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (170)

About 2 month and a bit before Christmas 2018.

....and what a year it has been!

My Studio has seen a big jump in Custom Orders,

mainly manufacturing Diamond Jewellery with a few other Projects thrown in.

It never gets boring as each Project is totally unique!


Attached find some Pictures of recent custom made Jewellery

that I created this year. 


My Christmas trading hours:

This year I will work 6 x days a Week, Monday to Saturday inclusive.

regular hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm with an hour Lunchbreak from 12 to 13.00

On Wednesdays I start later:!

Last date for ordering

custom made Jewellery for Christmas:  OCTOBER 24th

Anytime after that I will not be able to guarantee that I can complete

your Order by December 22nd.

Diamonds and Gemstones can still be supplied until 15th December.

After 15th December I can only offer

what I happen to have in stock at that Point...

My last STUDIO -Day in December will be:

Saturday 22nd 2018.


STUDIO will re-open after a short Holiday, Mid JANUARY 2019


Wishing everyone a peaceful Christmas,

and a very happy New Year!

Yours, Eckart Schillings


February / March 2017

Posted by Eckart on February 27, 2017 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (285)

Hope the New Year has been starting well for you...

This week I received a surprise Review,

written by Elaine de Wet for" Weekend Notes" Brisbane.


She looked at my Special service for Couples, making their own Wedding Rings in my Studio.

Always nice to get some recognition for the work you put in.

Actually, I really enjoy working with couples on their own Wedding Rings.

It is such a great thing to do and never forgotten!

Here is the Link to the review:

Happy Days!

Happy New Year 2017

Posted by Eckart on January 6, 2017 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (6)

Back at work on Monday 9th January 2017. Already finding the Order Book is filling for the upcoming weeks. 

Re-modelling of old Gold is proving popular plus the making of bespoke Engagement and Wedding Rings.

 This prompted me last year to set up a separate website that deals exclusively with re-modelling of old Jewellery.

 You can visit it at:

 The teaching part is also strong with my January Course now fully booked and the next Courses already half booked.

 I look forward to a busy New Year 2017 and meeting my old, and new Clients!

 Contact me for any of your New Jewellery Projects!

 Kind regards, Eckart Schillings

9 Days till Christmas 2016

Posted by Eckart on December 15, 2016 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (210)

Things are definitely heating up in the already busy Workshop.

Currently finishing 1 x New Piece of Jewellery every Day with Clients coming in for pick-ups on a daily basis. Getting a Lot of Hugs from Customers for the beautifully finished Pieces of Jewellery that I have custom made.

Awesome! Love my Profession!

Already taking Orders for beginning of 2017. Now People are asking me to write up Gift Vouchers for Jewellery manufacture to give to their Loved Ones. Good Idea, that way they get exactly what they like....

Will be working straight through from now until Wednesday 21st December.  

This is the last day to pick up finished jewellery.

Will then enjoy a few Days off over the Christmas period and getting ready for a fresh start in 2017, creating more bespoke Jewellery.

Wish everyone a peaceful Christmas and a healthy New Year 2017!        Yours, Eckart Schillings

December now and Christmas is coming

Posted by Eckart on November 30, 2016 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (329)

Today is the 1st of December

and preparations for the Christmas Rush are well on the way.

It is also a time to reflect on the past year, and what a year it was...

Very busy and many fantastic Pieces of Jewellery were made.

I enjoyed the various New Customers who had heard about me

and have choosen me to create for them.


Now reporting a full Order Book for the December month.

It looks like the small Craftspeople are still sought after

in a World of Mass Production and cheap overseas imports.


This is the Engagement Ring I made for Andrew and Teagan.

Hand-forged, not cast, for extra long wearing Quality

set with natural Diamonds.

Here are the Wedding Rings that I made in 2016

Also fully hand forged for that extra hardness...

It was great to work for Andrew and Tegan. 

I wish them the Best for a great Future together.....


With 2017 just around the Corner, I am already planning

on re-furbishing the Studio to improve the way I work and

have a better space to discuss bespoke

Jewellery Projects with my growing Group of repeat Clients.

I will still continue to work as a "One Man Show" to keep up my Quality Level.



Hope everyone has a peaceful Christmas and a happy New Year!



Re-making old Jewellery

Posted by Eckart on July 2, 2016 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (8)

Re-making and re-modelling of old Jewellery is a big Part of my Work.

People bring or post to me old Gold Rings, Chains etc.

I take out the Diamonds, re-melt the Gold and create a beautiful New piece of Jewellery.

Love the Challenge to bring back unused old Jewellery to be worn again. 

Old Gold that was passed down in the Family from Generations before.

It is nice to know that the Ring you wear contains the Gold your Grandfather once purchased for your Grandmother...

Contact me if you like to use your old Gold to create a modern New Piece of Jewellery that you will enjoy to wear.

Below see some samples of Jewellery I made recently, using re-melted old Gold and old Diamonds / Gemstones.

The Material at Hand dictates the Design

You decide what type of Jewellery you want to have made!

Email to:

Have a great Day!

A young Couple making their own Wedding Rings!

Posted by Eckart on June 30, 2016 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (268)

Of all the different Things I do, this is one I really like a Lot!

I offer interested Couples the opportunity to work with me for a fully Day in the Studio.

Making their own Wedding Rings.

What can be more romantic?

Last week I had Ling and Timothy in my Studio.

They came all the way from Singapore to make their own RINGS.

A very complex Project, it was completed to Perfection.

A very happy Couple.

We worked well together and achieved a Lot.

Contact me if you too, want to create your own Wedding Rings!

For more Info visit my Website dedicated to making your own Wedding Rings:

Love the Projects my Happy Customers send my way!

Posted by Eckart on April 22, 2016 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (121)

Recently had the Pleasure of making the WEDDING RINGS for Melinda and Matt.

Her Ring was Vintage inspired with some very Fine Diamond Setting work and detailed Engraving.

His Ring was bold and more contemporary, made in Palladium with white Gold Rails either side.

Both Rings came out perfectly and it was "smiles all over" when they came and looked at the finished Rings in the Glass Cabinet.

I get a lot of Job Satisfaction out of making People happy!

Contact me for your custom made Engagement and Wedding Ring Projects!


New Website, New Beginnings...

Posted by Eckart on April 7, 2016 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (4)

Welcome to my New Website and Blog.

After years of expanding my Internet Presence with an ever growing number of Niche Websites it is long overdue to build a Website that combines all my Activities in one Site.

I still maintain my individual Websites, but my Focus is on running this as my main Website for years to come.

If you are in the market for custom made Fine Jewellery or Diamonds and Gemstones, get in touch.

I love making unique pieces for my Clients in any of the Precious Metals. I have a great Reputation for Quality, Creativity plus a lot of Flexibility in making things happen that others cannot do. Personalised Jewellery requires a good understanding of what YOU Want! I take my time to understand this and have many ways to avoid misunderstanding when it comes to creating your Dream Jewellery. Apart from Drawings you can expect CAD Designs and sometimes even a Metal or Wax mock up of your Jewellery before I start to meke it in Gold / Platinum / Palladium or Silver.

If you are interested in learning the Art of Gold & Silversmithing, I run regular Courses and Workshops at my professional Studion on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, AUSTRALIA.

Some of the more adventurous Clients come and spend a day with me in the Workshop, actually making their Own wedding Rings. That is pretty awesome and I love helping people doing this successfully.

I look forward to working for you!

Have a great Day!  

Regards, Eckart

How international my Business is these Days!

Posted by Eckart on Comments comments (203)

When I opened my first Studio and Shop in 1984 the normal thing was to have the Retail Shop and serve the local Community. This was way before the Internet and a Fax machine was the latest technology everyone was getting into. Most of my Clients were indeed the locals and my suppliers were also local Businesses within the Country. 32 years later, today my work is a totally different ball game! With the Internet, my Websites and Skype, I now participate in a truely global Economy. This week I have been dealing with clients in Singapore, organised a Ruby from Africa via my 'Gemstone Spotter Person' in Bangkok. Another Client is looking for a Ceylon sapphire, medium blue, over 5ct which has just been delivered to be inspected in my workshop on the Sunshine Coast, Qld. Then one of my American Clients dropped in for a visit and checking how his Diamond Engagement Ring is coming along. Last I spoke to a Client in Melbourne about a new project and to complete the international dealings I ordered some Jewellers machinery from my Asian Wholesalers and emailed my Italian supplier for a Rolling Mill order. It is totally normal for me today to pay for a Gemstone Order via PayPal, accept PayPal payments from overseas Clients and send Money to Suppliers using Western Union. 

Pretty amazing really how my Business operates today when compared to 32 years ago. It is definitely is faster, everyone expects instant responses to their emails, changes also happen faster and Oe needs to go with the times, constantly re-inventing yourself otherwise you get left behind. All in All. pretty exciting times! ...and when I am done with my international Dealings, I go back to my Jewellers Workbench and use my traditional Handsaw to cut some Gold to shape and use a classic Chasing Hammer and a Punch to set some of my Diamonds...

Oh, and All this happens from a small Studio / Workshop in Queensland Australia run by a single Operator with no Staff...

Have a nice Day! 

Yours, Eckart Schillings