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German precisionwork in Australia. Over 39 years in the Trade!

Eckart Schillings 

Est in1984.              ONLINE since 2005            Creative in 2019  

Engagement & Wedding Rings

Bespoke Rings for todays Brides and Grooms

Personalised and custom made for you!

Made in any precious Metals:

Gold - Platinum- Palladium with Diamonds

or other Gemstones.

I love the Process of making Engagement and Wedding Rings for real People!

After All, they are the most important Rings you will ever own & wear!

When you made the Decision to spend your Life with someone for a long time to come!

At some Point you will start thinking about the ENGAGEMENT RING, followed by 


The Engagement Ring represents a serious Promise.

The Wedding Rings are your Commitment for the Future.

Rings charged with Emotions and a Lot of Meaning!

I look forward to helping you with your most amazing Rings ever!    

Contact me now for your Free Ring Consultation and find out what I can do for you!