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Eckart Johannes Schillings   

  43 years in the Jewellery Trade! 

CAD Jewellery Design.     What is it?

Computer Aided Design... using Templates and pre-set components the CAD Designer specialises in creating Jewellery Designs on the Computer, that can then be 3 D printed in Wax, which in turn is then cast in precious Metal using the old "Lost Wax casting" technique.

It has been used in the Jewellery industry for about 20 years now and is quickly becoming better and is now almost a mainstream thing to do. 

Hence the large number of "Jewellery Designers' on the Internet presenting only Cad Images as opposed to showing pictures of real pieces of Jewellery then have made or are selling. Often causing disappointment when the finished Jewellery arrived because the Finish was poorly made...

Do we need it?

For the experienced Craftsperson, CAD Design has its Advantages and its Place.

Depending what sort of Jewellery you are making, using CAD Design as a Tool can result in a nice Piece of Jewellery, very precise and allowing to create very complex pieces that would otherwise take much longer to create using traditional Fabrication techniques.

YES, it would be very foolish to ignore the Benefits of modern CAD Design.

YES, CAD Design has some real Advantages!

I have used the Services of CAD Designers for the past 20 years to create some of my Fine Jewellery. As a matter of fact, my Wife's Engagement Ring and our Wedding Rings were drawn on the Computer, then cast in Platinum and Gold and I then set the Diamonds and finished the Rings.

HOWEVER! There are many other Designs that do not work well in CAD or not at All.

A skilled Craftsperson will advise you on which technique is the better Technique

for your specific Jewellery Project!

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A tribute to Celtic style incorporating the Initials of the Bride & Groom

I made my own Wedding Rings

using CAD Design.

A great Example to show the Advantages of modern CAD Design.