Est in 1984.   
 Website last updated:  MARCH 2023

Eckart Johannes Schillings   

  43 years in the Jewellery Trade! 

Diamonds are essential for my Work!

I create a lot of custom made Diamond Jewellery and Engagement Rings. 

The hardness and superior Light Refraction makes the Diamond a truly outstanding Gemstone.

A natural Diamond lasts practically forever.

Working with Diamonds allows the Craftsman to create unique pieces of Jewellery that are impossible to achieve with any one of the various other Gemstones.

With 40 years of practical Work with Diamonds,

I can supply almost any Type, size and shape of natural Diamond through my Network of "Trade Only" international Diamond Miners and Cutters. Fully Certified and Laser inscribed. 

Diamonds are my Passion!

I can supply where others are unable to help... Better Diamonds at realistic Prices.


Choosing and selecting the right Diamond is very complex..

Talk to a passionate Diamond-Dealer to find your IDEAL Diamond

Now specialising in Non-Russian,
conflict Free Diamonds from Canada and Australia!