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German precisionwork in Australia. Over 39 years in the Trade!

Eckart Schillings 

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Gemstones are a very important Part of my Jewellery manufacture.

Generally I get to work with many different Types of Gemstones, each requiring specific ways of presenting the Stone at its Best.

Today the World is being flooded with Gemstones that have been treated and modified or 'Colour enhanced' ...

For the unsuspecting, choosing a genuine Gemstone can be a real Minefield.

As a Professional with over 30 years in the Jewellery and Gemtrade, I can assist you with unbiased Information and source the perfect Gemstone for you through my international Network of "Trade Only" Gem cutters and Miners.

That way you will get the right ( authentic) Gemstone, Certified and at a realistic Price.

Contact me now for any natural Gemstone you wish to acquire.

Sometimes your Dream Stone cannot be found...., then it is best cut to Order, 

please allow a bit of  extra time for this to happen.

Email to: Eckart@eckart-schillings.com                                   Phone: +61-423709799