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German precisionwork in Australia. Over 39 years in the Trade!

Eckart Schillings 

Est in1984.              ONLINE since 2005            Creative in 2019  

Jewellery manufacture for private Clients is my absolute Passion.

It is the part of my Profession I love doing most!

It is about manufacturing and delivering the exact right piece of Jewellery that my Clients dream of.

I work for Clients internationally and all communication happens via email or phone.

On average it takes 34 x emails until the finished Jewellery is delivered...

With my local Clients it is similar but at times easier as we can meet at the workshop to discuss the Project and Design-development in person.

I spend a Lot of time and effort to make sure there are no misunderstanding until both parties are happy with the planned Project. Apart from detailed Drawings, I sometimes make a Wax model or a Silver model of a planned Ring design .just to make sure we are on the same page...

I then prepare a detailed Quotation in writing.

When approved, I get started, which often means that a suitable Gemstone needs to be found.

I like the Hunt for the perfect Diamond or Gemstone. Today this happens on a global scale, I find your Sapphires in Africa, your Pink Diamonds in Western Australia, Citrines in Brasil and your Peridot in Afghanistan.  Very exciting.

At the end of this journey my Clients receive exactly what was commissioned originally.