Est in 1984.   
 Website last updated:  MARCH 2023

Eckart Johannes Schillings   

  43 years in the Jewellery Trade! 

Creating Jewellery with the finest precious Metals and Gemstones is my Passion!

Doing this for real People even more so...

It needs a fine Hand and a Lot of Patience until a stunning piece of Jewellery is completed to Perfection with a liquid like glossy Finish!

It takes many years of Practice and Training to gain the Skills not only to actually manufacture Quality Jewellery and the difficult Task of setting precious Gemstones, but it also takes a Lot of Practice and Skills to fully understand what your Clients really want!

Creating Fine Jewellery for private Clients is what I most enjoy specialise in.

Contact me now if you are thinking about a special piece of Jewellery made to Order.

I look forward to working for you!

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