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German precisionwork in Australia. Over 39 years in the Trade!

Eckart Schillings 

Est in1984.              ONLINE since 2005            Creative in 2019  

Natural white Diamonds

Never going out of Fashion...

Working with the most precious of all Gemstones

and creating stunning pieces of Diamond Jewellery

to the highest Standard is my Passion.

White Diamonds are rare...

White Diamonds have the highest Light Refraction of all Gemstones

which is exactly the Reason why we are so fascinated with this beautiful Stone

that has been created deep inside the Earth's Crust and pushed up by Volcanic eruptions.

As fully independent Diamond Setter I can supply almost any shape,

size and colour grade of Diamond through my international Diamond Miners / Cutters Network.

With only a small Office you will find my Pricing realistic

and the Quality of Diamonds above Average!

It requires a lot of Patience and requires long established Contacts

in the Industry until your Dream Diamond has been found.

Allow for that Process to take Place

and you will have a beautiful Diamond to cherish forever.  No Sales Pressure!

Contact me now to find out how I can best help you acquire your Dream Diamond.