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The other Platinum, or the better White Gold?

I work in all 4 x recognised precious Metals

that have their own legal Hallmarks.

They are: Gold - Silver - Platinum - Palladium

PALLADIUM has gained a lot of Recognition

since it was first used in Jewellery around the year 1936.

Personally I do quite a bit of Work with Palladium

for Reasons of its Purity, Hardness, Wearing Quality

and because it offers 'Value for Money'

especially for larger items like heavy Gents Wedding Rings etc.

Making those in Platinum is often just too heavy

( Palladium has a lower specific weight )

and the Cost can quickly go over Budget.

Not many Manufacturers are able or willing

to work Palladium as it requires specific techniques,

similar to Platinum Work.

Contact me now if you are considering

to have your Jewellery made in Palladium...

I have extensive Experience, working with this beautiful precious Metal!

For detailed Info about Palladium visit my website:        www.palladium-jewel.com