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Eckart Johannes Schillings   

  43 years in the Jewellery Trade! 

Raw Diamonds or Raw natural Diamonds

A slightly misleading Term

I see a Lot of Diamonds on the Internet, advertised as "natural raw Diamonds",

when in fact they are natural Rose Cut Diamonds.

As a Result I get People contacting me for Raw Diamonds, but really what they are looking for is a natural Diamond, often in a very very low grade that has been cut in the old style shape of Rose Cut which is typically flat on the bottom and has a domed top with facets all around that long ago, were meant to resemble a Rose.

Whatever it is, I quite like this style of Diamond with its roughness,

often irregular shapes and unique earthy colours.

Makes for interesting Jewellery!

So, if you are interested in old style, Rose Cut Diamonds, get in touch.

I love to create your special Piece of Raw Diamond Jewellery!

P.S Of course there are also the real "Raw Diamonds".

They are fully natural and untreated / uncut.

Only chemically cleaned when they came out of the Ground.

They occur as Octrahendrons / double Pyramid shapes,

Maccles / flat triangular shapes,

Cubes  and roundish / really rough surfaced material with a shiny surface.

They too are a interesting material to work with, very unique!